Slotting Optimisation

Slotting Optimisation can assist in:

  • Reducing Pick travel time by 30-60%
  • Improve Pick Productivity by 10-30%
  • Reduce Pick Face replenishment activities
  • Optimise facility layout and space utilisation

Warehouse Layout Optimisation: Because Time-and Space-are Money!

The physical location of inventory in a warehouse is critical to your workforce's ability to fill orders quickly, accurately and safely. Slotting Optimisation scientifically determines the best picking profile for your warehouse, and enables you to make timely, intelligent decisions as ordering trends change.

Are fast-moving items in the most accessible locations? Are slots allocated in the most efficient manner according to product size and weight? Are risks to your employees reduced or eliminated? Is your storage capacity optimised for your current stock? Slotting Optimisation automates these enhancements to your warehouse, and, working alongside Warehouse Management, tracks your changing inventory to enable continual improvements. Slotting Optimization can be used from day one to plan racking requirements and maximise capital investments in costly warehouse infrastructure.

The Science of Product Slotting

How does it work? Slotting Optimisation uses data on each product's physical characteristics and order frequency to calculate a relative value for each position its slot might inhabit within your facility. Then it aggregates these values for all products, and compares millions of move combinations against your user-configured strategies to determine the single optimal layout for your warehouse.

As input data changes, such as seasonal ordering trends or new or discontinued products, Slotting Optimization can revise its recommendations incrementally, to keep your warehouse at maximum efficiency without costly overhauls.