Logility Supply Planning

Optimize complex sourcing and production decisions with supply planning software.

Here's a better way to maximize your profitability goals. Voyager Supply Planning helps your supply chain match your most profitable options with the least-cost ways to satisfy requirements. The solution optimizes complex sourcing and production decisions to simplify efficient usage of resource allocations. You can easily balance resources, supply chain constraints and desired customer service levels. As a result, you achieve an optimal supply plan based on dynamic real-time sourcing. You'll know where to make or buy products and where to reduce costs – the solution evaluates production, storage and transportation constraints. Plus, with real-time alerts, you can prioritize and manage the supply chain at peak efficiency.

Now you can easily optimize complex sourcing and production decisions. Voyager Supply Planning enables you to model a realistic supply network through accurate demand tracing as well as multi- and simultaneous sourcing. You can leverage intelligence to incorporate fulfillment planning models such as Available-to-Promise, Capable-to-Promise and Profitable-to-Promise. And you'll help increase margins by gaining analyses of customer orders and forecasts that detract from your bottom line.

Increase margins by choosing higher-profit, cost-efficient ways to meet your service requirements. Voyager Supply Planning can help you:

  • Create a unique optimal plan and view modification through a rapid net change
  • Display graphically complex supply networks for the entire supply chain
  • Evaluate a comprehensive look at revenue and costs