Logility Replenishment Planning

Stay in stock. The best ways possible.

The key to successful replenishment planning is knowing how to resolve potential problems in advance. Logility Voyager Solutions enable you to accurately project demand, supply and inventory levels into the future. You'll have a realistic picture of your product and material requirements. And you can work proactively with the right supply chain resources, at the right time and cost, to prevent stock-outs.

With Voyager Replenishment Planning, you can easily consider the effects of inventory investment, service levels, and current orders and commitments. Leveraging strong Distribution Resource Planning (DRP) features, you can gain multilevel insights into demand and inventory. You'll be able to view inventory from multiple perspectives: actual demand data, future distribution needs and replenishment commitments.

Best of all, Voyager Replenishment Planning is exception-driven. It allows you to quickly detect stock-outs and outdated inventory as well as other potential problems. And it enables your planners to model economically sound replenishment options and make necessary corrections – at the best possible time.

Gain the ability to match profitability to replenishment requirements. With Voyager Replenishment Planning, you'll generate benefits such as:

  • Quicker response to market demand
  • Timely orders and deliveries
  • Support for continuous replenishment strategies such as Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) and Efficient Consumer Response (ECR)