Extended Enterprise Management

Extended Enterprise Management creates tremendous efficiencies that often translates directly into immediate financial benefits that include:

  • Increased on time delivery rate by 10-20%
  • Reduce the amount of PO’s between you and your suppliers by 25-60%
  • Reduced warehouse receiving time by 20-40%
  • The ability to plan to fulfil your customer orders even before your products have arrived


Supplier Enablement: Collaborate with the Suppliers in your Supply Chain.

Supplier Enablement is an online portal between you and your suppliers, so you can communicate in real time and synchronize your business processes. With Supplier Enablement, your business will speed time to market, reduce errors, increase inventory turns and lower costs.

Supplier Enablement gives you the tools to overcome barriers that might otherwise prevent easy collaboration, such as differing languages, currencies, time zones, technology platforms and tiers of manufacturing. By automating collaboration on a unified web-based platform, any supplier with a web browser can become a part of your automated supply chain.

Supplier Enablement includes these feature focus areas:

  • Requisition Management: Negotiate requisitions online to expedite and consolidate POs, reduce errors, plan efficiently and generate documentation.
  • PO Management: Automate time-consuming manual POs and eliminate paper. View the upstream supply chain for more predictable cycle times, reduced and more accurate inventories and better planning.
  • Inspections / Quality Assurance: Request new inspections for quality checks online, to increase order accuracy and partner accountability, lower safety stock levels and the ability to acknowledge available-to-promise dates.
  • Fulfillment & Shipping: Enable trading partners to generate electronic ASNs and shipping labels. Also print accurate, standard shipping documents such as manifests, pack lists and bills of lading.
  • Chargebacks: Automate claims for damaged products, non-compliance, demurrage and more. Events and notifications are generated for the major processing milestones.

Connect Suppliers and Hubs: The Added Power of Hub Management.

Supplier Enablement is particularly powerful when combined with Hub Management. Together, these modules enable global visibility: shipping from anywhere to anywhere with traceability and accountability at all times. With the full benefit of collaboration with suppliers and hubs, you can maximise cross-dock and flow-through for direct-to-store delivery, thus reducing inventory, speeding orders to market and dramatically cutting transportation, storage and labour costs.